Online Banking



POCU’s online banking is secure, and provides access to your accounts 24 hours-a-day. You can review balances, verify activity, transfer funds between accounts, schedule transfers, view and print account history, and make loan payments.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Click log in on the Online Banking link over in the top left area of your screen. Select Enroll in the right navigation area. Enter your Member Account Number, the last 4 digits of your social security number, and the numbers in your street address according to the example.

Step 2: Read the Terms & Conditions. When you are done, check the box to confirm. Click Continue.

Step 3: You are now going to choose a Logon ID and a Security Code, following the guidelines on your screen. Remember to keep these confidential.

Step 4: Choose three Challenge Questions, and answer them. Our system will use these questions periodically to confirm your identity.

Step 5: Choose a Security Phrase. This phrase will greet you every time you come to POCU’s online banking portal, letting you know that you are on the right website; if you don’t see your security phrase, don’t logon to the system.

You’re enrolled! You should see your POCU accounts listed there, and you are now ready to enjoy the convenience of online banking!