While other financial institutions focus on money, POCU focuses on people.

POCU is locally-owned, and our board of directors is elected by our credit union members. Decisions about the organization, its direction, programs and policies are made by our board for the benefit of our membership- great people who work or live in Dane County who are saving to buy a home, finance a child’s education or buy a car. Our board members are volunteers who understand our members’ needs and enjoy focusing on ways to meet those needs. Conversely, other financial institutions pay their board members to maximize profits for shareholders.

POCU’s mission is to promote the financial success of its membership. We are not-for-profit. The money we make here at POCU does not go to stockholders; it is returned in dividends, lower loan rates and higher savings rates to members.

Good rates!

We care for all members, and treat them as individuals. We take pride in serving new members who can’t get the financial help they need at other institutions. In addition to better rates on savings and lower loan fees, POCU provides financial counseling and guidance to those who need it.

Good advice!

Please join our credit union community and experience what it’s like to have financial products, services and advice that truly contribute to your financial well-being.

Good choice!