Volunteer members make up the board of directors of POCU. They donate their time unselfishly, attending meetings and governing the credit union for the benefit of all members. If you are interested in serving on the POCU board, please contact us.

Board of Directors

James A. Wolff, II, Chairman
John Cuta, Vice-Chairman
Susan L. Spahn, Secretary
Richard V. Trameri, Treasurer
Louis E. Antoine, Director
Patrick D. Nee, Director
Laurie Zimmerman, Director

Supervisory Committee
Kenneth L. Behnke
Edwin Borke

Kevin A. Yaeger, President
Tammie A. Stuntebeck, Vice President Lending
Hannah Daggett, Receptionist
Jim Dalton, Financial Services Representative
Michelle Colden, Financial Services Representative
Pam Bauhs, Financial Services Representative
Janet Liesse, Accounting Manager
Arnold Evensen, Collections