On February 10, 1930, a group of federal employees decided to start a credit union. Madison Federal Employees Credit Union was chartered by the State Banking Department of Wisconsin as Madison’s first credit union. In January 1934, the credit union was informed that the word “federal” had to be eliminated from its name because the credit union was state chartered instead of federally chartered. Because the credit union volunteers had an office located in the Post Office Building on Martin Luther King Boulevard, the members decided to rename the credit union Post Office Credit Union. The volunteer board of directors also voted to increase the membership share to $5 similar to the other 3,800 credit unions in 46 states which existed during that time. In 2002, Post Office Credit Union became a community chartered credit union and could serve anyone living or working in Dane County plus all Wisconsin postal workers and their families. To reflect its community charter, the board of directors voted in 2013 to change the credit union’s name to its abbreviation, POCU. The name POCU recognizes its postal heritage, but doesn’t discourage non-postal employees from joining. Today our credit union serves 3,500 members.